Scooters Can be an Amenity to Your Workforce




According to the Downtown Denver Partnership 2019 Annual Report there are 138,970 people working in the core of downtown Denver. On average 50 percent of those downtown workers report using public transportation or micro services such as scooters. With so many people using the service to get around we can’t ignore the fact that scooters just might be the solution to the last mile transportation problem that we’ve been searching for.

Personally, you can find me riding scooters to all my downtown meetings. I love it, because it’s more convenient and quicker than walking, taking a car or an Uber. Electric scooters are now a part of the downtown transportation ecosystem that allows for less cars and more efficiency in getting from one place to another.

I work with a lot of downtown tech companies and for them, even with the influx of people moving to Denver, the war for talent is fierce. Software companies are competing for engineering and sales talent, and they need every advantage. Scooter usage can be a huge amenity to employers seeking to recruit from the suburbs or from out of state markets, as it allows employees to get to meetings, lunch or even happy hour more conveniently. 

However, there is still much confusion and controversy around them. Many people are frustrated, and I can understand why when I hear reports of accidents, rage and sadly, Denver’s first scooter-related fatality. 

As Denver’s pilot program with the electric scooters draws to a close, the discussion around safety has never been more important. As a city, we need to do better at improving the safety of scooter usage so that Denver parlays out of the pilot program and into a full-blown city-wide offering. 

My top strategies for incorporating safe scooter practices into your company culture involve encouraging those around you to wear helmets as well as helping people to better understand the rules and the best routes to take. 

Earlier this year, I took a huge fall in a pothole at 16th and Lawrence. I’ve been wearing a helmet ever since. At Cresa, we provide helmets of all sizes and keep them easily accessible for our team members to grab as they’re running out the door. 

The scooters can be a great amenity for Denver and the companies who office here. But we need to do better at being safe and following the rules. Watch the video above for all my scooter safety tips. 

Stay safe, Denver!