Q2 2022 Silicon Valley Semiconductor Report

Pressure builds in the Senate to fund the CHIPS Act, (Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors for America), an act to strengthen U.S. chip manufacturing and reduce reliance on outside sources to manufacture semiconductor components. Although already passed, the CHIPS act has not allocated proper funding, and as a result semiconductor manufacturers are halting productions on their semiconductor fabrication plants. Intel and GlobalFoundries will halt their development pipelines unless partially funded by government subsidies. Intel stated that the progress of Ohio’s chip-factory will depend on the Chips Act’s funding. GlobalFoundries’s preliminary work in New Jersey faced the same results of a slowdown in development unless funded. There is expressed pressure to push the funding of the Chips Act before August, before Congress goes on break and to further delay the already passed bill.  

A variety of transactions occurred this quarter, showcasing strong demand for various types of space. Applied Materials sublet 245,000 sqft of office space from Aruba Networks in Santa Clara, On Semiconductor took 92,000 sqft of direct space in North San Jose, Elastic.Cloud sublet 19,000 sqft from Magellan Navigation, and Alphawave signed its first lease in Silicon Valley for 7,400 sqft.  

The amount of venture capital invested, and deal count are both on track to a record high year in 2022. The amount of capital per deal being invested remained virtually identical when comparing 2022 and 2021. When comparing capital invested per deal in 2019 and 2020, 2022 has so far had an increase of 65.8% and 55.6%, respectively.