5 Quick Ways to Re-Engage with Clients After the Holidays

Once the holiday decorations come down and businesses re-open, it’s time to pick back up with your current clients and prospects. The idea of reconnecting can feel daunting, especially because it’s easy for prospects to lose track during this busy season but following up in January is an important way to maintain relevancy and position yourself strategically.

After enjoying some time away from the office, you want your clients to still have your company and services in mind for the new year. Use these five quick ways for you to re-engage with clients and prospects after the holidays so that you are prepared to succeed in 2019.

Reach out ASAP

Phone call

Jump right in and see how your existing clients are doing. Ask about their ski trip to Denver or sunny New Year's Eve in Miami. Writing a personalized email will show them you care about their time and that you listen during your interactions. If you’re warming the relationship back up, then send a simple email or voicemail like the one below.

“Hi [Client/Prospect name], Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday season. Looking forward to reconnecting and continuing our work together in 2019. Hope all is well."

It's important to let clients and prospects know that you want to continue to support them in any capacity they need.

Identify or re-identify their goals

To create a plan with your prospect’s you want to have a solid understanding of their priorities and problems so that you can set goals and create solutions. Set up time over coffee or lunch to take the pressure off a formal meeting and make the encounter more enjoyable. Review their plans for the new year, so that you can effectively manage your time and outline a plan that works for both of you.

Keep them warm

Never let your relationship cool down. Along with setting follow-up meetings, share content with your clients and prospects to keep your services on their mind. Learn more about their hobbies or interests so that you can relay any events that they may be interested in connecting over like a spin class or golf game. Otherwise, from emailing blog posts and newsletters to market statistics and changes, any fresh content will help you continue your connection and build a relationship with your client.

Recap your year

Allow your clients to provide feedback or share past experiences with current prospects so that they can learn more about your services and success. Creating an opportunity for feedback enables your clients to reflect on your relationship while letting them know their opinions matter and re-engages them for the new year.

Feedback isn't just about receiving praise or a pat on the back. It's also a crucial component of bettering your methods and staying sharp in your respective market.

Start before the holidays

Holiday Decor
Don’t let yourself be forgotten the next time a holiday comes around! Schedule follow up meetings before the break so that you are a priority when they return. Confirming a time in January ensures that you will be a part of their planning and decision-making process in the new year. This strategy is also helpful for slower work times like summer when people tend to be in and out of the office.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent the stress of re-engaging with clients or prospects is to maintain contact and offer your support throughout the year.