The "ins and outs" of Conflict Free Advice

We are pleased to present a short video about Conflict of Interest, a key issue in our business, and one that often doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Conflict of interest is one of the core reasons why Cresa operates as an occupier-centric platform that does not represent landlords. This new video, which includes many Cresa voices, speaks about what conflict of interest is, and why it is an important issue for occupiers. Central to Cresa's value proposition is to fight for the tenant's financial interest, but equally to negotiate terms and conditions that protect their interests throughout the lease term. Central to this tenet is to ensure there is fair and equal competition among landlords, something you don't necessarily get when working with other firms that represent both sides - occupier and owner. The question it begs is, "how do you genuinely deliver independent advice to corporate clients if you're on both sides of the table"?

The response is often conflicts can be managed, systems can be put in place, but it is all but impossible to bring every conflict out into the light of day, and so the only way to manage these conflicts is to have a company that inherently doesn't have these conflicts. 

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