Focus on Leadership | Cresa puts businesses in the right space

Cresa is the firm Calgary companies turn to for help with their real estate needs.

In large part that’s because the company isn’t just the largest tenant-representative firm in the city — it’s the biggest in the world. That means local clients have access to unparalleled expertise, says Josh Hamill, a principal at Cresa’s Calgary office.

“We solely focus on business and organizations that occupy commercial real estate spaces,” he says. “What that means is we’re not actively representing any landlord or developers, whereas a lot of our competitors focus time on creating value for the owner or asset manager of the real estate.”

Cresa’s Calgary office of more than 25 representatives works closely with city businesses to find properties for current and future needs. They also help clients make the most of existing space.

“We have a number of proprietary tools and technologies allowing us to leverage analytics to precisely determine what it is a client needs,” says David Miles, also a principal at the Calgary office. “Then we help convert strategy into reality through a streamlined implementation process.”

Because of its breadth of knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technology, Cresa is able to work with virtually any business, from startups in the city’s growing tech sector to titans of the oil and gas industry.

“With the energy sector, for instance, the main focus has been recovery on excess space,” Miles says of the process of helping businesses sublet portions of their properties to improve the bottom line.

Cresa also helps businesses prepare for the future.

“On the acquisition side, we’re trying to help them create flexible deal terms because many companies right now do not have a clear path for their future business  requirements over the next  18 months — let alone in five years,” Hamill says.

While a key player for the city’s business community, Cresa’s employees are also deeply committed to giving back, including participating annually in the Magic of Christmas Adopt-a-Family program, Miles says.

“It’s really a key part of our corporate culture that we not only do what’s best for our clients, but for the whole community of Calgary itself.”

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