VIDEO: Empowering Your Business to Make Better Data-Informed Decisions


We hear you. When it comes to global organizations, there are a lot of stakeholders and voices, but not a lot of data. The principal change in occupier needs over the last three years has been the need for a much more diverse data set to be able to support your decision-making.   


The Knight Frank Cresa Global Portfolio Solutions Team has been extremely focused on our ability to support clients early in the decision-making process. We come to the table with proactive advice, using data to spot opportunities and help you create your own competitive advantage. 

The key questions that we’re answering include:  

  • Where is the talent?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How can we manage our attrition rates within the business?

Our take on data is unique. We are technology agnostic which allows us added flexibility to bring in different data sources. It allows us to select the most relevant data points for your business needs. 

Data points including location analysis, talent mapping, commute analysis, competitive mapping, and detailed financial modeling all get embedded into the solutions we provide our clients. 

Keep in mind that we offer these added benefits to our clients, all at no additional cost to you. Our goal is to bring a little bit more to the table to help you make decisions with confidence. So that you can free up capital to use in other areas of your business.