The Amazing Space Podcast - Episode #4

Episode #4: Moving to an Emerging Market

When considering moving into an emerging market, what needs to be analyzed? Local cultural and energy shifts, business tenant developments and staff commuting costs need to be addressed.

David Keen of the American Psychiatric Association discusses surprises and challenges behind this long-standing association’s shift into an emerging market district. This episode will provide insight as to how they strategically selected their new location while considering:

  • Transit patterns of their employees, making the new location accessible via train, city bus, water taxi and bikes
  • The ability to negotiate signage, parking and amenities with the landlord
  • An attractive energy and upbeat “vibe” contributed by the addition of social venues, retail and hospitality
  • Competitive market rates associated with the vulnerability and risk of taking space in an up-and-coming neighborhood

Guests: David Keen, Chief Financial Officer, American Psychiatric Association

Created and hosted by Cresa Nonprofit practice group leaders Mindy Saffer and Lucia Hedke, The Amazing Space covers trends, challenges and the real estate journey with some of the nation’s most prominent Association leaders. 

The Amazing Space is taped in Washington, D.C.