The Amazing Space Podcast - Episode #1

Episode #1: Technology Integration in the Workplace

Created and hosted by Cresa Nonprofit practice group leaders Mindy Saffer and Lucia Hedke, The Amazing Space covers trends, challenges and the real estate journey with some of the nation’s most prominent Association leaders. Our pilot episode discusses how Associations are approaching their relocation and renovation projects with technology considerations well in advance. It’s no longer an afterthought.

Join guests from American Coatings Association and Diversified US as they discuss the planning and integration of technology into the workplace.

  • Learn how American Coatings Association employed technology to improve their member experience, workplace efficiencies and connect with employees operating remotely across the globe, after relocating from a historic mansion into a Class A building.
  • Hear about branding your space and heralding your mission using technology platforms throughout the office, as well as developing standards and proliferating content in your technology branding early in the planning process.
  • Understand how fiber optic cabling, reception and conferencing hookups all come together from a vendor’s perspective.
  • Appreciate the budgetary considerations necessary when endeavoring to build technological enablement into your space.

Guests: Andy Doyle, CEO, American Coatings Association; Shaun Murray, Senior Director, Information Technology, American Coatings Association; Rick Winde, Director of Advanced Visual Environments, Diversified US

The Amazing Space is taped in Washington, D.C.

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