Success Story: Cresa + Ryan Companies

In 2022, Ryan Companies approached Cresa when they outgrew their Atlanta office space. Having the opportunity to represent a client who works within the commercial real estate industry was particulary meaningful. Their existing familiarity with the intricacies of the process and their trust in Cresa's conflict-free approach, is a true testament to Cresa's reputation and credibility in the field.

In the end Principal Andy Roberts delivered a solution for Ryan Co., surpassing all of the objectives for their new workspace.



Cloteen Jasmine, Market Leader, SVP of Development, Ryan Companies: My name is Cloteen Jasmine, and I am the Senior Vice President of Development and Market Leader for the Atlanta Office of Ryan Companies. As a full-service commercial real estate company, there are I'd say very few, if no, companies that do the full range of things that we do. So, for example, we operate in six different sectors and that includes built to suit industrial, healthcare, multifamily, senior living and retail. And so that's really, really unique. There aren't very many companies that operate successfully in all those different sectors simultaneously. 

Paul Springthorpe, Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Companies: During COVID, Ryan experienced a significant amount of growth. One of our primary customers was Amazon. And even though we've made a conscious decision to let employees work from home if they were office-based, we still had to get our projects completed and our job sites were still active. We actually outgrew our existing workspace. As we started to think about finding a new office space, we looked to Cresa to help us with that. We've had a long-term national relationship with them and we just really trust them. 

Cloteen: When it was time for me to select an advisor for our office lease, I could not think of anyone other than Andy who I would trust with a project that was this meaningful to me personally. He's extremely trustworthy, extremely honest, very capable, and just very, very client-focused.

Andy Roberts, Principal, Cresa: I was flattered beyond words when Cloteen reached out and said hey, I want you to help us navigate our next location for the Southeast market. The timeline occurred during quarantine. At a time when a lot of the market was being was being reactive, providing more questions than answers. You can get caught up and kind of having a knee-jerk reaction to that, right?

We wanted to hit pause and say OK, Ryan companies is telling a great story here in the Southeast and continues to grow. So, let's simply look at the business for where it is. Where it wants to grow and what is the solution that's going to best serve Ryan Companies going forward? Let's take that proactive approach and let's see what locations best serve your goals? That enables your business to drive real estate. And so I feel like we were able to do so. 

Cloteen: At the end of the day. Where we ended up going was a function of the fantastic value we got, the fantastic views, the proximity to our existing office. So our entire team has essentially the same commute, with a little bit better access than we had before. Andy did a fantastic job. Essentially laying out the entire city and showing us how each area stacked up against the other and he was able to identify value that I just was not expecting to see.

Andy: I think anytime you are working in the same field as another, you have a greater appreciation for what they've been able to accomplish. I knew Ryan Companies from afar, but just by being in commercial real estate had that much more respect for them. 

Paul: People want to come to an office location that's exciting, that's fun to be in and is collaborative. That's what we found in this particular workspace and we're delighted with the results.