The Watkins Survey — An Industry Benchmark

The Watkins Research Group, Inc., in a joint project with Flaspöhler Research Group, conducted interviews with 273 corporate real estate decision makers, representing North America's largest users of commercial real estate services. The survey evaluated 23 corporate real estate service providers and identified key considerations in selecting these providers.

Clearly Recommended

It's the most significant question you can ask the clients of any service organization: "Would you recommend this firm to a peer?" When the Watkins people asked it of over 200 users of corporate real estate services, then measured the responses for 23 service providers - including every major global firm - it wasn't even close:

Our Client Advocate Score (CAS) is 83.5%. The #2 firm got a 33.3%.

A positive Client Advocate Score meant more clients would recommend their service provider than would not. Only 5 firms got a positive score, as you can see from the top 5 firms shown here.

Clearly Worth Selecting

The Watkins Survey also looked at what goes into selecting a firm. They took client perceptions of two factors: "Adds to Bottom Line" and "Strong Client Orientation." Service providers that are strong in both these areas appear in the upper right corner of the chart. You can also see that we were about as high and to the right as we could go.

When corporate real estate executives rated us on our ability to add to their bottom line and have a strong client orientation, we were almost off the chart.

Clearly Superior Client Service

Finally, the Watkins survey measured ten factors deemed critical for effective client service.

When they scored each of those factors individually, Cresa outscored the industry average in all ten.

When a single Combined Factor Rating was posted, we finished in the Top Two.

And when it came to the average rating of all 23 firms, we beat the average in all ten factors.

What does this mean to you?

We think the Watkins Survey has a lot to say about corporate real estate service firms - and what clients actually think of them. And no matter how you read the survey, they clearly think highly of us.

It confirms that our way of doing business is in sync with what clients want - that our clients don't just like us, they recommend us.

But we're not about to let this go to our heads. We understand that client service never ends - to keep your business we have to prove ourselves every day of the week.

As the survey would indicate, we intend to keep doing exactly that.