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Confronting the Conflict of Interest Dilemma in Commercial Real Estate Representation
Could a pair of decisions, made four months and half a world apart, threaten the future of dual-agency representation in commercial real estate? The idea may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Read More
If Your Building is Sold, What Happens to Your Commercial Lease?
Your building has been sold. As an office tenant, that phrase could cause shivers of uncertainty and concern. What does a change in ownership mean for your lease? If your building is sold, what changes can the new owner make, and what rights to do […] Read More
Operating Costs in the Full-Rent Equation
Why a lower rental rate does not always equal the best deal. In Calgary, we are in a commercial real estate market of high vacancy and low rental rates – truly a tenant’s market – and one that is very well publicized. In this market, tenants have […] Read More
The Surge Of M&A: What You Need To Know
As companies in all industries face disruption and change, many businesses are growing through mergers and acquisitions. This surge of M&A activity presents both opportunities and potential pitfalls. Find out what you need to know to make the most […] Read More
Your Next (Leased) Office Space: A How-To Guide for Growth Companies
Step-by-Step Strategies, Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid When Moving from Shared Space into Your First Office Lease. For high growth companies that are considering moving from shared office space and beginning the search for a dedicated office lease […] Read More