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Desks By Reservation Only
Office Hoteling and Hot Desking Can Help Right-Size Your Real Estate and Cut Costs The sight of empty desks can send shivers down the backs of corporate real estate professionals. Yet some research suggests that nearly 50 percent of office space is […] Read More
Is Coworking the Future of CRE, or Just the Latest Trend in Office Space?
What does the collaborative workspace phenomenon mean for business and commercial real estate? Technology allows us to work from anywhere, but this freedom has led many people to discover that working remotely isn’t as productive or enjoyable as it […] Read More
Why Big Law is Taking Up Less Space
Office spaces in nearly every industry vertical are changing. Technology, Millennials’ attitude toward work, and economic pressures are driving businesses to redesign their workplace to meet the demands of the modern marketplace. Though law firms […] Read More
Planning for Future Office Space Needs in the Face of Changing Workforce Demographics
The current multi-generational workforce that comprises the Baby Boomers and the younger generations (X, Millennials, and Z) represents a significant and high-speed evolution of the workplace. Over the next five to seven years, the workforce is […] Read More
Your Next Office Space: How to Prioritize Amenities to Support Recruiting and Retention
Building amenities can reinforce your company’s culture and help with employee recruitment and retention. But how do you decide which amenities should be priorities in your next space? When your company is looking for new office space, there is […] Read More