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Cresa Vancouver

Cresa Vancouver, part of Cresa Global Inc., the largest pure tenant advisory firm in the world with over 60 offices globally, has been operating in the Vancouver region for the past 17 years. Cresa prides itself on providing objective, bias-free, forward-thinking advice to a wide spectrum of office, industrial and commercial users. Through real time data, and extensive market intelligence, the Cresa team provides businesses with an edge when it comes to searching and negotiating the best possible lease terms. Cresa professionals are unwavering in their goal of navigating the leasing process in a professional manner from start to finish and through to lease execution.

Cresa Vancouver continues to enjoy being part of a regional economy that seemingly only knows growth, and goes from strength to strength, with a vibrant business community and simultaneously remains ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. It is home to many top tier businesses in such diverse industries as technology, TV, film and video game production, finance, engineering, architecture and design, life sciences, animation, environmental sustainability, forestry, real estate development, mining and tourism and a premier ranked airport and one of the busiest marine ports in North America.

Whether your business is considering new premises, a relocation, a renewal, consolidating, expanding, subleasing, a build-to-suit, a purchase or a strategic review, Cresa Vancouver is ready to help come up with the best real estate solutions for your specific needs. Our singular focus is to make sure you end up with the best possible outcome, in the most cost effective way. Shoehorning you into just any space, just to get the deal done, is not in our DNA. Contact any of the Vancouver team to find out how the 1,000+ professionals in Cresa can help with your real estate needs, whether here in Metro Vancouver, across Canada and the United States, or further afield.


Our mission is to provide customized solutions exclusively for users of commercial space by offering fully integrated services that align a company's real estate needs with their business needs, delivering maximum cost savings and creating the optimum outcome.


Our vision is to be the "standout" service provider in the commercial real estate industry: A company that is best in class, has the highest standards of any tenant advisory firm amongst its peers, and takes a long-term view, both to the real estate, and the client relationship, with advisors who are outcome focused and not deal focused.


We are guided by the duel concepts of integrity and trust, both internally and externally. We will always do what is right for the client and will not be afraid to stand behind our convictions. We treat our clients, employees and all stakeholders with the highest respect, dignity and fairness in all matters. We are in it for the long-term, and will not deviate from these founding principles even if normal convention is otherwise.

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  • Downtown Core


    22,131,347 SF
    6.8% Q3
    114,173 SF Q3
    Średnia stawka czynszu
    $34.00 net PSF ("A")
  • Broadway Corridor


    4,263,691 SF
    4.4% Q3
    -17,644 SF Q3
    Średnia stawka czynszu
    $28.00 net PSF ("A")
  • Vancouver City/Urban


    3,970,290 SF
    13.6% Q3
    26,797 SF Q3
    Średnia stawka czynszu
    $27.00 net PSF ("A")
  • Burnaby

    Suburban Vancouver

    10,044,379 SF
    11.7% Q3
    -43,116 SF Q3
    Średnia stawka czynszu
    $23.00 net PSF ("A")
  • Richmond

    Suburban Vancouver

    4,654,171 SF
    10.4% Q3
    -117,621 SF Q3
    Średnia stawka czynszu
    $17.50 net PSF ("A")
  • Surrey

    Suburban Vancouver

    3,452,166 SF
    20.1% Q3
    30,626 SF Q3
    Średnia stawka czynszu
    $17.00 net PSF ("A")
  • North Shore

    Suburban Vancouver

    1,965,402 (+163K Q3) SF
    10.2% Q3
    65,625 SF Q3
    Średnia stawka czynszu
    $22.50 net PSF ("A")
  • Metro Vancouver


    223,243255 (Q3 519K) SF
    2.6% Q3 (availability)
    551,901 SF Q3
    Średnia stawka czynszu
    $10.82 net PSF

Informacje o rynku

Summer 2017 | by Ross Moore

“What’s the vacancy rate?”

As a leasing advisory firm, a question we often get asked is; “what’s the market like’, followed by, “what’s the vacancy rate?”. The vacancy rate is a metric most people can relate to, so makes perfect sense, and of all the numbers you can throw at someone, the vacancy rate is probably the most informative. If you get told the vacancy rate is 20%, people can picture one in five buildings being empty, or six out of 30 floors in a single building being vacant, or conversely, if the vacancy rate is 2% or 3% it’s easy to picture a building and a market all but full.

However, space markets are more nuanced than that and in a market like Vancouver, which is made up of mostly small tenants*, this is particularly true. In theory, you could have a double-digit vacancy rate, but if the bulk of the vacant space is in a handful of very large blocks, and mostly in new developments with no improvements (ie. space requiring a full buildout - walls, doors, carpet, electrical, kitchen, paint, cabling [where costs can easily exceed $100.00 per square foot]), this isn’t going to meet the needs of many tenants, at least not in Vancouver. As a rule, landlords don’t want to demise large contiguous chunks of space, so breaking up space certainly isn’t going to be their first choice, and for small tenants, who are often capital starved, the prospect of spending $200,000.00 to $400,000.00 to buildout space just isn’t appealing, and probably a hassle they can live without.  

So back to the limitations of a vacancy rate. Certainly, the conversation can, and should start with the vacancy rate, but for leasing specialists often the more important measure is number of suites/units available. While this may seem a bit “inside baseball”, or nuanced to outsiders, the importance can’t be overstated. The quantity of suites can also be sliced-and-diced in a myriad of ways including things like view/non-view, elevator exposure, kitchenette, south facing and an almost endless list, but keeping track of the number of options for an “average” Vancouver tenant is something we here at Cresa follow very closely.

So where do things currently stand on the number of suites? As of the end of May, in the downtown core, there were 103 suites between 2,000 and 3,999 square feet, down quite substantially from three months ago when the number was 135. It is noteworthy that now represents a 16-quarter low,  but well up from the decade low of 24 at the beginning of 2008. For those who believe 4,000 to 8,000 square feet is a more relevant measure, the corresponding numbers are 99 from 91 ninety days ago, and 20 recorded at the end of 2007. What this suggests is a bit of mixed message, with small suites becoming a bit harder to find, but not anywhere near as bad as when the market really tightened in 2007/2008. This is beginning to be reflected in rents which in recent months have moved decidedly upwards. So in summary, the vacancy rate is always a great place to start, but keep an eye on number of suites available.

* Estimates vary, but the consensus around average sized tenant mostly ranges between 2,500 to 4,500 square feet.

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William (Bill) C. James Managing Principal 604.696.6011
Ross Moore Senior Vice President, Advisor 604 696 6000 ext. 106


Success Stories

Client Location Sq. Footage
Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, British Columbia  50,000 
Golder Associates Ltd. Vancouver, British Columbia   150,000 
Gowlings Lafleur Henderson LLP Vancouver, British Columbia  40,000 
Radysis Corporation Vancouver, British Columbia  30,000 
Silver Standard Resources Vancouver, British Columbia  16,000 


Nieruchomość Dostępna powierzchnia Stawka czynszu
Sublease: 490 - 580 Hornby Street, Vancouver
490 - 580 Hornby Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3B6
Suite 490 - 1,009 SF Negotiable (Ops/Taxes $18.05 PSF est.)
Sublease: 200 - 1500 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
1500 West Georgia Street
Suite 200
Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 2Z6
Suite 200 - 6,076 SF Negotiable (Ops/Taxes $21.52 PSF est.)
Sublease: 135 - 3751 Shell Road, Richmond
Airport Executive Park/AEP - Building B
3751 Shell Road
Suite 135
Richmond, British Columbia V6X 2W2
Suite 135 - 7,180 SF Negotiable (Ops/Taxes $12.52 PSF est.)
Sublease: 2200 - 1050 West Pender Street, Vancouver
1050 West Pender Street
Suite 2200
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3S7
Suite 2200 - 6,603 SF Negotiable (Ops/Taxes $16.61 est. 2017)
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Office Leasing

At Cresa Vancouver, office leasing is a key practice area; we are in the market every day, bringing both real-time knowledge and experience to each of the markets we service. Our coverage spans the entire Lower Mainland. With many Canadian head office locations being housed in Vancouver, Cresa is responsible for servicing a busy and ever-changing market.

One of our greatest differentiators is an integrated approach to real estate strategy and transactions; being in such a dynamic market has encouraged us to continue to provide a full service offering in order to truly achieve our clients’ goals in the most thorough and appropriate manner possible. Our team of experienced real estate advisors, strategists, space planners and project managers allows you to benefit from a detailed approach to each project. In our experience, listening to our clients’ needs, reviewing and advising on requirements, identifying optimal solutions in the market, analyzing options, negotiating terms and managing the design and construction of projects allows our team to have an understanding of and realize the best occupancy solutions.

In order to maintain our integrated approach, we offer value added services in the following areas:

Strategic Planning, or ‘intelligence services’, ensures that we understand, formulate and deliver focused and customized real estate solutions that will offer the greatest opportunity for cost savings and generate lasting benefits, while maintain our clients’ business goals and objectives.

Transaction Management is an important step in the process whether our client’s are looking to relocate, renew or restructure; regardless of the end goal, there is always an opportunity to reduce operating and occupancy expenses, establish a competitive advantage and provide flexibility.

Project Management provides value-added results from concept to completion through defined strategies and single-point accountability, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Space Planning & Design operates based upon the approved Feasibility Plan, which will provide solutions for the execution of the project.

Office Leasing Capabilities


Ross Moore

"I have worked with Ross for over a decade on commercial leasing matters and as a fellow board member on a not-for-profit organization. During that time I have had the opportunity to observe Ross in some stressful commercial transactions as well as emotionally charged board meetings. What has impressed me most is that Ross always takes the high road in these difficult situations. While he has the experience one would expect of a senior commercial broker and the added bonus of being a global real estate research wonk, it is his integrity and approach to business that have impressed me the most."

David A. Martin, Founding Partner,
Stirling LLP

“I had the pleasure of working with Ross as Pottinger Bird began its search for new space. We were under a very tight schedule and Ross made us a priority as he addressed our needs in a speedy, efficient and professional manner. He made what I expected to be a very stressful and time consuming process, easy and relatively straightforward. Ross worked around our demanding calendar and made sure all meetings and tours were conducted in the most efficient way possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ross to anyone who values professionalism and a depth of knowledge that will leaving you feeling confident you made the right decision with your real estate advisor.”

Virginia Bird, Principal, Owner
Pottinger Bird Community Relation

Tenant Guide

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Industrial Sales and Leasing

At Cresa Vancouver, industrial sales and leasing is another key practice area; we are in the market every day, bringing both real-time knowledge and experience to every industrial park and warehouse node in the region. Our coverage spans the entire Lower Mainland, from industrial areas close in the urban core, to the North Shore, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and all points beyond as far as Abbotsford and Chilliwack. With many warehousing and logistics companies operating out of the Vancouver metro area, Cresa is active servicing a busy and ever-changing market.

With two very active active ports (Centerm and Deltaport) and as a key logistics hub for both western Canada, and the country as a whole, the Metro Vancouver industrial market is one of the most dynamic in North America. Cresa Vancouver, often working with other Cresa offices, has helped industrial users procure (and sublease) premises, on both a purchase and lease basis in every part of the region. With deep knowledge of industrial user's requirements and needs, the Cresa team is able to help businesses secure space that is highly functional, ideally located, zoned accordingly and cost effective.

A thorough understanding of the local market and prevailing market conditions, combined with the ability to identify and thoroughly investigate all currently available properties both on and off-market, are all features of Cresa Vancouver advisors. The ability to have a clear understanding of today's market is important, but what separates Cresa from the competition is anticipating the future, and getting the timing right so costs and disruptions are minimized and the stated business objectives are met. That's why we think of ourselves as business enablers, not transaction facilitators. Not to say we won't negotiate the best possible deal (on average we have found there are 23 areas to negotiate), but our mission is to produce the best possible outcome incorporating everything we know about the client with the universe of options available.

Industrial Capabilities

Capability Brochure

Research, Tools, & Economic Analysis

Cresa Vancouver is the leading source of occupier-focused research with insights into workplace trends, new construction, demographics, infrastructure and Vancouver's ever-changing space markets, all from the tenant's perspective. With a wealth of informational resources the Cresa team helps businesses make key real estate decisions based on a extensive matrix of data inputs. Tools including real-time availabilities, GIS/mapping, supply chain analytics, commercial space inventories, sale and lease comparables, construction data, construction costs, FLA (Financial Lease Analysis), SRA (Sublease Recovery Analysis), LPA (Lease-vs-Purchase Analysis), and Termination Calculator, are all resources available to help occupiers make reasoned, measured, objective decisions that help produce the best possible outcome.


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Leasing Activity

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