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The Secrets of Today's Most Innovative Companies

August 9, 2016

Written by Steve Strom - 

The world’s most innovative companies understand the importance of workplace design and how it contributes to employee productivity, wellness, and overall satisfaction. Would you consider yourself an innovative company? Before writing off the value of creating an innovative workplace, let’s take a closer look at these findings that link workplace design with today’s most innovative companies.    

Architectural firm, Gensler, recently released their 2016 U.S. Workplace Survey that surveyed more than 4,000 workers across a diverse range of industries, geographies, and age groups. The top innovators from the survey shared key habits that any company should consider before making their next real estate decision.

  • Innovators report spending only 74% of the work week at the office; less innovative employees spend 86% of time at the office
  • Innovators are at least two times more likely to have access to, and use, cafeterias, coffee shops, and outdoor spaces
  • Innovators report two times more access to amenities including specialty coffee, restaurants, gyms, and childcare facilities
  • Innovators overall report two times more choice in when and where to work

These innovators understand you cannot address workplace design with a one-size fits all approach. Design needs to focus on how each individual does their best work, and not every employee works best in an open, collaborative environment. Employers are empowering employees to select the workspace that matches their individual needs and supporting them with the latest technology, effectively untethering employees from their desks and allowing them to choose where and when to work. To employ this type of workplace strategy, your real estate footprint needs to offer a blend of workspaces, supporting heads-down quiet work and collaborative, social work. However, don’t make the mistake of chasing trends like moving to a 100% open-collaborative space. Listen to your employees and invest in functional workspaces that support their performance and innovation.

Consider now the importance of location as mentioned above, and remember that innovation in design stretches beyond the four walls of your office space. Amenity-rich areas offer employees the chance to run errands during the workday, pick up dry cleaning or a prescription over lunch, visit a nearby specialty coffee shop for a meeting, or head to the gym for a quick workout – all with relative ease and convenience. Selecting the right location saves your employees time and contributes to their work-life balance, leading to a happier and more productive workforce. These amenities are an extension of your workspace and deliver a tremendous amount of value in terms of recruiting and retaining top talent.  Understanding the key demographics of your employees, their needs and wants, informs your site selection process and ensures your culture is supported in the new location.

But how do innovative companies prioritize these workplace amenities? Before selecting your next office space, consider this short video that highlights our viewpoint on current trends in workplace amenities, and their critical link to employee productivity, engagement, and talent attraction/retention.

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