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Welcome to Cresa Spain

Cresa Spain is a real estate consulting company that represents the interests of the tenants, in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

We work with a multidisciplinary team and we have more than 20 years of experience in real estate, which allows for complete and professional advice.


Our mission is to provide customized solutions and fully integrated services tailored to the real estate needs of our customers, always bearing in mind the space of the workplace, the people and the company philosophy, in addition to new technologies, all aimed at providing a global service 360º that covers every need.

The real estate transaction is not just a "transaction". We believe it is the beginning of every success story. Who would be better positioned to meet your real estate needs than the same group that understands your operational and space requirements, as well as your brand and long-term business vision? We offer our clients a service that meets their needs, enriches their image and reflects their values. Our team will help develop their suitability through due diligence and test fits (preliminary distribution studies), evaluation of licenses and permits as well as with the formalization of the transaction.

Since this is all integrated in our group, we get a competitive advantage by providing our clients with Design, Construction, Technical Due Diligence of the property, in addition to the management and maintenance of all its spaces.


Our goal at Cresa Spain is to offer our clients a consulting service more oriented to the provision of services than to the transaction, where our team's main concern is the client.

We are guided by the concept of "doing the right thing" both internally and externally. We will always defend our clients' interests which we always put above our own. All our clients, employees and collaborators are treated with respect, dignity and justice in all matters.


Cresa is a multinational company, that offers consulting, engineering and corporate architecture services. We have more than 20 years of experience, during which we have developed more than 3,000 projects in 25 countries (which means approximately 10 million square meters).

OWe also offer our senior Real Estate Team, Transformation + Innovation Services, Design Consulting, Workplace Consulting, FM Consulting, Design and Construction in the most important sectors of our market such as Offices, Retail, Hotels, Health and Education.

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