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Retail Inkjet Solutions, Inc. (RIS)

Carlsbad, CA
17,204 SF
Cresa San Diego
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Client Objectives

A manufacturer and distributer of consumer ink cartridge refilling machines, Retail Inkjet Solutions, Inc. (RIS) distributes through big box retail outlets like Costco Wholesale and Fry's Electronics. Cresa was brought on board with three months remaining on the client's existing lease with the objective of negotiating an aggressive lease renewal. While the building RIS occupied was far from ideal, the client felt there was not enough time to identify an alternative location and orchestrate a move.

Cresa Team Members


Cresa moved quickly to identify alternative sites with the primary objective of creating leverage with RIS' existing landlord. During this process, a property was identified that uniquely met RIS' very specific needs and requirements. Going down parallel paths, one for relocation to this new site and the other for renewal at the existing site, very aggressive economics and concession packages were produced for both locations. While Cresa was able to significantly reduce the overall economics on a renewal, the alternative location was clearly a superior site and better alternative. Cresa was able to negotiate an additional 3,000 square feet in the preferred building for the same price as a renewal. Additionally, the landlord agreed to pay all of RIS' moving and FF&E costs, significantly reducing the client's out of pocket expenses for the relocation.

Additional Assignments

Cresa Project Management and Relocation Services were enlisted to manage the build-out of the tenant improvement and to manage the move. Cresa advised and lead RIS through the entire process, including selection and management of all related vendors. Through Cresa, the client was able to meet their aggressive timeline, ensuring a successful move and seamless transition.


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