Relocation Management

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  • LPL San Diego Tower
    418,000 SF

    La Jolla, CA
    1970 employees relocating

  • Byron Rogers Federal Center
    240,000 SF
    Denver, CO

    444 employees relocated

  • The Industrial Company (Kiewit)
    75,000 SF
    Centennial, CO

    326 Employees relocated

Even the easiest move is hard on a business. It can disrupt your operations, strain your customer relations, and challenge your employees. 

Our relocation managers understand this. We develop a close connection with your in-house relocation team to make your move as seamless as possible. We’re involved in every step in the process.

  • Planning the transition — We work with all your departments to understand their business issues and develop a transition strategy. We set up move committees, establish priorities, plan for relocation constraints, and keep your employees informed of all move plans and schedules.
  • Selecting and coordinating vendors — In most of the nation’s business centers, we know the local vendors. We can pre-qualify them, craft the RFPs, conduct the interview process, recommend final selection, and negotiate the contracts. 
  • Moving you in — We’ll make sure your employees are ready for the big move. We’ll coordinate with your relocation committee, train your move captains, and supervise your vendors. We’ll manage everything at both the origin and the destination and troubleshoot any glitches that come up. 

Relocating is never easy. But we can make it easier. We’ve seen it all. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what people go through. And we’ll do everything we can to see that you’re well taken care of.


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Kristine Duyan Project Manager 613.688.7200
Nicole Nelson Senior Advisor 612.373.0299
Lynn Owen Principal, Project Management 613.688.7200


Klienta Lokalizacja Powierzchnia
ARC: Architectural Resources Cambridge Boston, MA  22,542 
Commencal Golden, CO  8,550  
EMC Corporation Multiple Offices   
Gabriel's Angels Phoenix, AZ  2,990  
Gresham Smith & Partners Nashville, Tennessee  Class 'A' Office: 80,000  
Lewis Thomason Nashville, Tennessee  Class 'A' Office: 28,000  
M & T Bank Salt Lake City  10,500  
Mithun Minneapolis, MN   63,000 
Neal & Harwell Nashville, Tennessee  Class 'A' Office: 31,000  
Retail Inkjet Solutions, Inc. (RIS) Carlsbad, CA  17,204 
The Bridgespan Group Boston, MA  28,612