Portland Coffee Roaster Partners with Longtime Portland Real Estate Family for New HQ

A popular Portland coffee roaster has partnered with a well-known Portland real estate name to land a new home for its coffee roasting and office operations.

October 13, 2017

Nossa Familia Coffee, which launched in Portland in 2004, joined forces with Schlesinger Companies to acquire a 26,200-square-foot industrial and office building at 3530 N.W. St. Helens Rd. for $3.57 million. The structure, after a small buildout, will become home to Nossa Familia's operations in November.

The coffee company has a 10-year lease on the space and a purchase option for the building. Nossa had dropped hints about the transaction last month.

Augusto Carneiro, founder of Nossa Familia, said in a release the company's growth found him searching for a building to acquire. He found the building with his friend, Adam Sweet, owner of 2 Brothers Moving.

"We quickly realized the complexity of acquiring real estate while keeping up with the demands in our businesses," Carneiro said.

Then Carneiro connected with Schlesinger Companies, a fourth-generation Portland real estate company and owner of the Star Park parking and management company.