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Welcome to Cresa Poland

Cresa Poland offers unbiased, independent commercial real estate advice. Its integrated services include conflict-free tenant representation, capital markets, market research and advisory, valuation and design & project management. Cresa Polska is headquartered in Warsaw, with its regional offices in Łódź, Wrocław and Tricity.

Cresa is the world’s largest commercial real estate firm offering its agency services for tenants only. It serves clients through more than 60 global offices.

Our mission is to provide customized solutions by offering our Clients fully integrated services that align their real estate needs with their business plans, delivering maximum cost savings and exceeding expectations.

Our vision is to be the exception in the commercial real estate industry: A company that is service-oriented rather than transaction-oriented, with advisors who are Client focused not deal focused.

We are guided by the concept, “Do the Right Thing,” both internally and externally. We will always do what is right for the Client’s best interest and put that interest before our own. We treat our Clients and employees with respect, dignity and fairness in all matters.

Market Insights


Arkadiusz Bielecki, MRICS Co-Head of Valuation Department +48 606 888 646
Katarzyna Bojanowicz Director +48 691 745 451
Krzysztof Czekalski Technical Director at the Industrial & Warehouse Department +48 601 700 907
Michał Grabikowski Head of Tenant Representation in Wrocław Office +48 731 347 070
Piotr Kaszyński Managing Principal +48 601 212 047
Bolesław Kołodziejczyk, PhD, MBA, MRICS Research Director +48 661 111 070
Daria Kotarska Senior Advisor +48 603 692 756
Wojciech Krupa Head of Workplace Strategy +48 608 456 379
Tom Listowski Director, Head of Industrial & Warehouse Department CEE +48 509 510 429
Szymon Lukasik, CCIM, MRICS Senior Advisor, Director +48 695 340 262
Marcin Lukoszko Senior BTS/BTO Advisor +48 603 220 061
Paweł Nowakowski, MRICS Head of Capital Markets +48 519 511 553
Marta Pyziak Head of Łódź Office +48 733 917 070
Michał Rafałowicz Head of Pomeranian Region, Tricity Office +48 732 987 070
Magdalena Sadal Head of Retail Research and Advisory +48 506 188 279
Iwona Skalska Marketing Director + 48 603 068 326
Michał Smietański Director +48 605 033 160
Urszula Sobczyk, MRICS Co-Head of Valuation Department +48 602 664 133
Jędrzej Suchowolec Senior Advisor +48 694 452 604
Artur Sutor Director +48 605 658 253
Bartek Włodarski Director, Corporate Solutions +48 722 202 150


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Tenant Representation

We think of real estate as a business tool — one that goes beyond just your operational needs to help you enhance your image, attract top talent, and drive profitability.

Accordingly, our approach to real estate is entirely strategic. Before we think about your space requirements, we think about the business needs behind them. Only by understanding those needs can we address them in a meaningful, goal-oriented way.

We advise commercial tenants exclusively — no landlords, no developers — so we can be completely objective and conflict-free. By concentrating single-mindedly on tenant issues, we gain both the perspective and the experience to level the playing field in landlord-tenant relations. We are, in every sense, the tenant’s advantage.

This unique focus is supported by a complete array of integrated services that cover every stage of the real estate life cycle, from the planning to the transaction to the implementation. These services drive the tactical execution behind our strategic thinking, and they lead directly to solutions that reduce costs, improve operations, and enhance the performance of your workforce.

Tenant Rights

Your Rights as a Tenant

You have the right to an advisor who does the right thing — always.

You have the right to an advisor who represents your interests, and who will provide objectivity and full disclosure to you alone.

You have the right to an advisor with the experience, knowledge, and team to deliver value and savings through a broad range of integrated services.

You have the right to an advisor who is accountable for producing results and providing you with timely communication and "real-time" access to data.

You have the right to an advisor who can put the power back in your hands by leveraging experience and market knowledge to your advantage.

You have the right to expect creative solutions from an advisor who understands your business and how it relates to your real estate needs.

You have the right to a consultative approach that applies experience and knowledge to your long-term strategic goals.

You have the right to an advisor with the courage and conviction to ask the tough questions, challenge the answers, and make solid recommendations.

You have the right to an advisor who is truly collaborative — with you, with the team, and with the industry.

You have the right to an enjoyable experience, satisfied with the relationship with your advisor, and with the results you attain.

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HQ in Poland
Cresa Polska Sp. z o.o.
Warsaw Financial Center
ul. Emilii Plater 53
00-113 Warsaw
Tel.: +48 22 470 70 70

Office in Wrocław
Pegaz, building B
ul. Grabarska 1
50-079 Wrocław
Tel.: +48 71 747 86 19
Mobile: +48 731 347 070

Office in Tricity
Olivia Gate, entrance A
Aleja Grunwaldzka 472
80-309 Gdańsk
Mobile: +48 732 987 070

Office in Łódź
Centrum Piłsudskiego
ul. Sienkiewicza 72
90-001 Łódź
Mobile: +48 733 917 070 

Cresa Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Emilii Plater 53, 00-113 Warszawa, Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy w Warszawie, XII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego KRS 0000605722, kapitał zakładowy: 5 000,00 zł, NIP:7010556292, REGON: 363885170.