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Wait, Your Building Just Magically Grew in Size?
It’s the same routine. You go to the office, park in the lot, walk in the building, take the stairs or elevator to your suite and get to work. Surely you would have noticed if your landlord added an addition right? The building hasn’t changed at all […] Read More
Sustainable Design
If you have a motivated client and equally creative developer/landlord, you can help place your clients in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient space. We will focus on an environmental element for this exercise. Read More
Real Estate Strategic Planning
Traditionally, the Corporate C-Suite has focused on strategic issues impacting their business: competitive advantage, market share, risk management, revenue & profit, change management, and client satisfaction. Executives today understand that a […] Read More
What Are You Really Getting With Class A Buildings?
The classification system for commercial office buildings is wildly subjective. A Class A building in Newtown, or Blue Bell, will differ from a standard Class A building in Philadelphia. Even still classifications can differ with in the submarkets […] Read More
Shopping for Designers: Hiring the Right Architect/Interior Designer
Remember the times when your parents preached to “never judge a book by its cover”? As many of us grew older we came to find it’s not necessarily always true. The reality is first impressions matter. How something or someone is presented is often […] Read More