Consolidation and growth strategy

ABN Group
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  • 9,000 Square Metre
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Cresa Team
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  • Scott Collinson

Client Objectives

ABN Group is one of Australian biggest home builder’s with a national presence in residential home building, property development and finance. It had an earlier strategy to keep its various business divisions and brands separate to enhance their differentiators. With the passing of time, this was reviewed and a new strategy developed which required the divisions to aggregate into a single 9,000 square meters headquarters building.

With the groups divisions spread across five different buildings, all with their own unique leases and lease expiries, but with a common owner, it was critical to ABN Group that a relocation did not involve a need to seek extensions to any of the existing leases.


Cresa was engaged to identify both existing buildings and new sites that could accommodate the new headquarters. Owing to the nature of work, the new sight needed to be relatively central within the broader metropolitan area of Perth, be easily accessible for both staff and clients but not be within the CBD itself where office space was relatively expensive.

Cresa employed its robust process to identify and short-list key options, working closely with ABN Group along the way. Ultimately two new-build options in the BCD fringe were identified. Both options provided high-quality end products that incorporated ABN Group’s unique showroom and VR needs with public interface, were well located and met all of the key requirements of ABN Group’s brief.

The competitive process coordinated by Cresa ensured that the very best commercial outcome was reached in the shortest possible timeframe. This ensured that the developer/owner was engaged and committed with sufficient time to undertake and complete the new building before any of ABN Group’s existing leases expired.

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