Cresa is a corporate real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents occupiers. By choosing to represent the interests of occupiers only, Cresa avoids any conflict of interest.

We offer a spatial, technical, financial and legal expertise in France in order to improve the cost and quality of your square meters. As professional real estate and workplace advisors, we are passionate about understanding the needs of our clients and strive to deliver exceptional service for the long term.

Latest Insights

2020 Global Occupier's Guide
August 19, 2020

2020 Global Occupier's Guide

As global companies realize the importance of having a unified approach to their real estate demands, the need to understand local market practices and business traditions is greater than ever.
Q4 2019 Greater Paris Area Market Report
January 31, 2020

Greater Paris Area Q4 2019 Market Report

The economic situation in Greater Paris (Ile de France) remains highly favorable; unemployment was 7,5% at the end of last quarter (compared to 7,9% in Q3 2018). After a few slow months, the construction and services industries provide a good outlook on the orientation of global employment.
Paris Market Research
January 2, 2020

Paris Q3 2019 Market Report

Our quarterly Occupier's Guide breaks down each Paris real estate submarket to provide you the latest transaction, vacancy and rent data, as well as trends and predictions that can save your company time and money when making real estate decisions.


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