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Charlotte, NC


Provide support to the Cresa Carolinas brokerage team with a high level of professionalism and collaborative nature. You’ll be working in a fast-paced office supporting a team of 4+ advisors who represent diverse office and industrial real estate clients across NC and SC. The ideal candidate for this job will be the very definition of a team player with the primary responsibility to assist a fast-paced team in their success. The focus of this position is working with and through others, building and maintaining relationships, and working closely and accurately within established guidelines. There is a need for an effective communicator, someone who is able to stimulate and motivate others while being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns. There will be many different people to meet and work with.

The person in this position must be friendly and genuinely interested in the business, agenda, and needs of others, including the company, its management, the team, the company's customers, or all of the above. A persuasive, teaching style of communication is required to communicate the company's policies, programs, and systems. A faster-than-average pace will be the norm for this position. Detail work is a major focus of the job, and those details need to be handled quickly, correctly, and efficiently. This portion of the work will often focus on relationships with others; correct handling of details dealing with others is necessary to maintain and grow relationships. If the job involves managing others, following up carefully, closely, and cheerfully is required to ensure both correct work and maintenance of the relationships. Necessary corrections must be made in a constructive, supportive manner. As time is usually a factor, the work must be done on time, as well as correctly. In general, this is a position where guidelines, structure, and established policies must be followed fairly and closely, while working with and for others.

  • Each day different from the next; especially in personal interactions Fast-paced environment Multiple projects going simultaneously
  • Very socially focused; requires "how can I help you?" attitude Lots of attention spent on building and maintaining relationships, especially where helping, not pressuring, others foster the relationship
  • Adherence to established guidelines and procedures is important. Important to involve others in the decision-making; there is a need to build consensus rather than make decisions alone
  • Open, flowing communication is important Position requires working with and through others, especially in a helping role There is a need for a persuasive, "selling" (rather than "telling") communication style
  • Team environment: leader must be willing to jump in and roll up his/her sleeves to help out when necessary. Need someone who leads by example, with first-hand knowledge of area of expertise Strong, friendly follow-up necessary on tasks delegated to ensure proper results

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Excellent communication and time management skills; proven ability to meet deadlines
  • Collaborate and engage with brokerage team to enhance productivity
  • Prepare presentations, agendas, reports, special projects, and other documents in support of objectives for the organization.
  • Prepare correspondence, documents, proposals, requests for proposals, LOIs, and reports with guidance from the brokerage team
  • Prepare and produce presentations and tour books
  • Coordinate broker travel arrangements, calendar scheduling, advisor events and meeting arrangements
  • Maintain and manage deal files
  • Conduct property searches
  • Maintain and manage database of lease and sales comps in the market
  • Update and maintain CRM database per corporate protocol data entry requirements

Required qualifications

  • A minimum of three years of relevant administrative work experience
  • High school diploma or equivalent; college degree preferred
  • Advanced understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. Adobe experience a plus.
  • Salesforce experience, or equivalent CRM experience, strongly preferred
  • Ability to communicate professionally in a cross-team and cross-department function, through both verbal and written communication.
  • Commitment to excellence - perform duties at the highest level possible on a consistent
    basis, with attention to detail and in accordance with corporate protocols
  • Professional, engaging attitude with a flexible nature and the ability to multitask and prioritize projects and tasks, to meet both local team and corporate deadlines
  • Team-oriented experience and approach are required.

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