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New York State Bar Association

19,612 SF
Cresa Albany
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Client Objectives

The New York State Bar Association’s (NYSBA) print facility was insufficient in size and had inadequate cooling and humidity controls for its requirements. The client enlisted the expertise of Cresa Albany to assist in locating a new site and facilitate a lease transaction.


Cresa Albany analyzed the client’s site requirements including future physical space needs broken down by department and individual work areas. Cresa Albany incorporated engineering services to identify the client’s heating, cooling, humidity, and power requirements and then scanned the target market area for properties that met the specifications. Preliminary information was gathered so the client could further qualify properties for physical site inspections.

Cresa Albany created custom Request for Proposals (RFP) for the final candidate sites, identifying client requirements, economic terms, improvement specifications, and general lease terms to create a competitive transaction. Cresa Albany conducted a comparative RFP analysis including year-by-year cost estimations, non-economic considerations, construction budgets, and occupancy cost projections.

In the final phases of the process Cresa Albany carried out “business term” documentation review of construction, engineering, and lease agreements in coordination with client’s legal counsel as well as carried out on-site planning and construction oversight.


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