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Project Management Whitepaper
Most leasing markets, variously describe the tact of negotiations as either a “landlords market” or a “tenants market.” The market continuously fluctuates between the two, driven by several factors, such as national economic volatility, local […] Read More
How Virtual Reality Is Completely Changing CRE
How many hours have you spent clicking through photos of potential office spaces? How many days does it take your team to visit a long list of potential properties? I’ve been working in commercial real estate for more than 10 years and I’ve been […] Read More
Here's Why Cresa is "Tenant-Only"
There’s a question I get all the time from clients and prospects: Does “tenant-only” really matter? Read More
Get Connected: Businesses Need Best-in-Class Connectivity Like Never Before
In today’s business world, companies of all types—from technology start-ups to financial services companies to law firms—need reliable, powerful connectivity in their office space. Connectivity has become as essential as gas, electricity, and water. Read More
A Few Ways We Can Help Your Company
Many companies will want to tell you how great they are, their experience, their knowledge, and even who they have worked for. Please allow me to suggest a few ways we can help your company. Read More