Consolidation of various facilities onto one campus

  • IMS Health
  • 50,000 Square Metre
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Bangalore
Services Provided
  • Transaction Management
  • Consulting
Cresa Team
  • Madhur Malhotra
  • S C Jaisimha

Client Objectives

  • Consolidate company’s various facilities onto one campus
  • Identify a state-of-the-art facility that met international standards and was near their existing facility
  • Survey spaces outside outlined radius to find lower costs


  • Leveraged our database across the Bengaluru South micro-market to identify spaces that fit the client’s requirements
  • Composed survey of the best of Grade A facilities and included each building’s benefits and disadvantages which allowed IMS to make an informed decision based on the immediate occupancy, economics viability, location and infrastructure
  • Acquisition was completed in a record four-months’ time frame against an anticipated timeline of seven to eight months
We worked with Cresa’s India team on a project to consolidate our operations to a larger, company-owned facility in Bangalore, India. The project was challenging; its details included a lease vs. buy study and researching and shortlisting micro-markets that could support our long-term goals. The team understood our requirements perfectly. They worked with the IMS team, acting as our representation during negotiations, and achieved all objectives spelled out of the transaction and worked post-completion to ensure that the landlord met his obligations on a timely basis. As a result, we felt that we received a first-class service from Cresa’s India team. Our employees are happy in this new, bigger and smarter office and productivity is on the rise! I would not hesitate to recommend this team at any time; they were quite superb!
Jeff Johnson  |  Director Global Real Estate Services
IMS Health

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