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Built to Last
Almost 30 years ago, I got an interesting offer to start something new. My colleague Bill Tobin was starting a new real estate practice. His vision was simple: start a corporate real estate firm that represents the end customers — the tenants and […] Read More
What Automation Means for Your Real Estate Strategy
The switch to automation rocked the auto industry decades ago. Now, manufacturing and distribution companies in other industries are considering a move toward more automated facilities. Of course, automation brings one major concern: while new […] Read More
How Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmermann Transformed Its Work Space After 30 Years
The way employees work at most companies has changed a lot in the past 30 years. Leaders at Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmermann, a Minneapolis-based insurance agency, were ready to make a big change after more than three decades in the same office […] Read More
5 Blocks to Watch in Downtown Minneapolis
Downtown Minneapolis is an exciting place to live, work, shop and play these days. I’ve been working downtown since the 90's and we’re seeing new development in areas that have long gone untouched, along with new trends in how companies use their […] Read More
What I've Learned About Company Relocations: It's All About the People
Deciding to relocate a business is a big deal. A relocation brings exciting opportunities for growth and change, but also requires a tremendous amount of foresight. Whether the company has a handful of employees or hundreds, and whether the new […] Read More