Energy is volatile, but that could work in your favor, especially when it comes to your real estate options.

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The energy industry is volatile. And, we understand more than most how the demand for space fluctuates with the price of the commodities involved.

Timing rules the industry. We know which kinds of companies — upstream, midstream and downstream — are likely to need space at which times, and we can help you plan accordingly. Leases require flexibility to accommodate growth, which comes in two forms—acquisitive and organic—both of which we discuss with our clients often. We partner exclusively with occupiers to develop unbiased real estate strategies that account for all contingencies, while saving costs.

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The Real Estate Grape Vine
May 30, 2019

The Real Estate Grapevine

The cold, wet weather has come to a halt and the frosty nights of North Georgia have turned warm and dry. What was once a dormant shoot suddenly begins to sprout, and the vintner prepares for the next phase of the growing cycle, pruning and thinning the vines.