Life Sciences

Meeting the real estate requirements of life science companies is almost always a challenge. Facilities must often perform multiple functions, with R&D labs, manufacturing spaces, offices, and warehousing occupying the same building. Clean rooms — so critical to life science work  — must comply with stringent government regulations. And since so many of these companies are in their early stages, budget and scheduling concerns are often front-and-center.

At Cresa, we address these issues all the time. We have a long track record of accommodating the unique space needs of life sciences companies. We take a consultative approach to those needs, seeking an understanding of your over-riding business goals before we search for space to satisfy them. Since we represent tenants exclusively — never landlords or developers — our advice is unbiased and free of any possible conflict.

For life science organizations, we generally advise flexibility. We look for spaces that can be modified over time as your needs change. We look to build “from the inside out,” treating your clean rooms — both manufacturing and research — as the heart of the company. Once we know these clean rooms can be accommodated — with all the regulatory requirements met — we’ll show you how to build out from there to include offices and warehouse space. As your clean rooms expand to deal with growth, the other spaces should be able to adjust accordingly.

Life science companies tend to cluster in communities where they have access to the universities and institutions that attract the talent they need. We have a strong presence in these communities, and we’ve built extensive relationships and contacts with the important players. In particular, we know the landlords who are most attuned to the needs of the industry — who understand the budgetary constraints of growing companies, who can structure leases that support growth, and who can help capitalize tenant build-outs.

We can also provide project management for those build-outs. We know from long experience how tricky it can be to fit all the requirements into an actionable timeline, and we can bring in, as needed, best-in-class architects, engineers, and other contractors specializing in life science facilities.

In short, we can find you the right space, assemble the right team, and take all the right steps to assure that your new home will be the best possible fit with your needs.

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