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Legislative Bill Drafting Commission

53,789 SF
Cresa Albany
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Client Objectives

The Legislative Bill Drafting Commission engaged Cresa Albany to represent them during the lease renewal process for two buildings in downtown Albany.


Cresa Albany assisted the client in defining their current space programming needs by determining their current square footage and identifying limitations with their current space. In addition Cresa Albany worked with the client to determine which programs needed to remain in downtownAlbanyversus which programs could be relocated. Exploring reprogramming options for the client’s integrated print center required engineering input so Cresa Albany developed and issued a Request for Information (RFI) for engineering services. Ultimately, five different programming options were identified.

With the programming finalized Cresa Albany performed a comprehensive search for leasing opportunities within the geographic boundaries defined by the client. When the potentially viable sites were identified Cresa Albany created customized RFI’s for each location. Each RFI included the specific programming the location could accommodate, room finish groupings, tenant improvement specifications, material specifications, as well as a modified version of the NYS standard lease.

Cresa Albany analyzed the RFI responses on both economic and transactional terms leading the client to realize that staying in their current location with facilities improvements was their best option. Cresa Albany then worked with the engineers to identify a detailed scope of work for the new print center. Cresa Albany attended weekly project meetings to coordinate with the client and the landlord on layout options and space planning, phasing of the landlord’s work, and providing for employee swing space during redevelopment. Cresa Albany Design Services also inventoried the client’s current furniture to evaluate what would be needed in the new space.


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