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Hudson Valley Community College

36,557 SF
Cresa Albany
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Client Objectives

Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) had two main goals when they enlisted the expertise of Cresa Albany. The primary goal was to ensure a lease transaction with terms compatible with the client’s budgetary requirements. The second goal was to meet a stringent timeline to relocate the client’s Cardio-Respiratory, ICDT, and Paramedic programs in time for fall classes.


With those goals in mind, and armed with a detailed understanding of the client’s geographic and building requirements, Cresa Albany immediately began searching for suitable sites. The search yielded three viable options. Cresa Albany then coordinated site tours of the options and began a Request For Proposal (RFP) process. This process allowed the client to harness the leverage of the ‘open market’, and to weigh the pros and cons of each landlord’s proposal.

Once the client chose their primary site, Cresa Albany utilized the leverage gained thorough the RFP process to negotiate with the client’s potential landlord. The final negotiations yielded more than $500,000 in additional savings to the client over the life of the lease.


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