We adhere to the unique Three C’s Approach: client-focused, consistency and communication. We never lose sight of our main goal: representing you, the occupier.

We examine your strategic business objectives and provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that compliment your corporate real estate portfolio. Our highly experienced team believes in transparency – we strive to provide you with quality real estate services that will benefit your company in the long-term.

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March 4, 2020

India Market Research Q4 2019

Our quarterly Occupier's Guide breaks down each India real estate submarket to provide you the latest transaction, vacancy and rent data, as well as trends and predictions that can save your company time and money when making real estate decisions. Download the latest guides here
February 27, 2019

2019 Global Occupier's Guide

As global companies realize the importance of having a unified approach to their real estate demands, the need to understand local market practices and business traditions is greater than ever.


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