USGBC AZ Sustainability Summit

USGBC AZ Sustainability Summit 

"I feel we've been able to create impactful and purposeful partnerships by aligning companies that we work with to absolutely address the environmental and social aspects with companies that are doing it."

On September 23rd, Jeffrey Garza Walker joined business leaders and professionals to speak at the U.S. Green Building Council Arizona Sustainability Summit. Speakers were asked to make a short, 5-minute, "speed" presentation on a problem they've been experiencing or a solution to share, related to green building/sustainability in Arizona. The event intended to inspire conversations, problem solving and sharing of solutions for a more sustainable Arizona

Click here to watch Jeffrey's speed-presentation at the event. 


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November 28, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Megan Koren

Megan Koren sits on the HQ team as Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Operations, and resides in Phoenix. She is currently responsible for optimizing and operationalizing corporate goals. With a strong understanding of business processes and financials, Megan recommends process changes to optimize company performance. She collaborates, cross-functionally, with colleagues representing various Cresa verticals and functional departments to achieve common objectives.
November 17, 2022

Opposition to Opportunity: Sustainability Goals

In an ideal world, sustainability has a seat at the table throughout each process along the company value chain. Beginning with site selection and acquisition, to the type of energy that's purchased to the way that materials are used and disposed of within a space.
November 16, 2022

Cresa Named One of the Best Places To Work

Our culture is what sets us apart. We know it’s the enthusiasm we bring to what we do that makes our teams so successful. Over the past year, Cresa was honored with Best Place to Work awards from across the country.