Meredith Thatcher

Managing Principal, Workplace Strategy

Meredith is a workplace transformation specialist and change leader with expertise in workforce and workplace strategy, strategic planning, commercial interior design, project management and implementation.

For Meredith, there is no other option than to get it right the first time, every time. Meredith collaborates with businesses and organizations to analyze, envision and plan for the future of their workplace —all while preparing employees to adapt and thrive within it.


167 N Green Street
Suite 1301
Chicago, IL 60607



Meredith understands the need for modern-day workplaces to be innovative, agile, sustainable and dynamic. She is known for her ability to dig in and really get to know an organization—and its people—inside and out. She is a profound observer, strong listener, skilled communicator, and effective facilitator whose focus on providing knowledgeable insights and practical solutions is rooted in over 35 years’ experience and expertise.

In 2019, Meredith co-founded Agile Work Evolutions Inc. (AWE) and a proprietary Workforce Analytics services-enabled software (SeS) to help clients establish flexible work environments and assess their real estate, environmental and economic impacts. AWE was acquired by Cresa in 2022 and Meredith is now Managing Principal, Workplace Solutions, helping clients globally to identify and implement optimal workforce and workplace solutions to enhance business performance.

Meredith’s credentials include: Certified Facility Manager (CFM), Facility Management Professional (FMP), LEED Accredited Professional, and Prosci® Change Management Certification

Meredith is a sought-after keynote speaker and published author. She served on the International Facility Management Association global board and led or participated in numerous activities included the Audit Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Area Measure Committee, Education Committee and Program Committee for the annual conference. She has won multiple awards including: Best New Business 2020, Best Workplace & Project Management Consultancy – Ontario, BUILD, UK – 2018, Ottawa’s Best Offices – You.i TV Project – 2018, IFMA Ottawa Ambassador Award – 2016, International Facility Management Association Fellow – 2005, Top 50 Most Influential People in the Construction, Property Management & Design Industry – 1999

Sample Clients:

  • Littelfuse
  • MDA
  • Department of Justice
  • Indigenous Services Canada
  • Fullscript
  • Association of Medical Colleges
  • Mitel
  • Calian
  • GCI
  • USACE, US Army
  • Stanley Black and Decker
  • Calgary Board of Education
  • Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada
You can see Meredith’s mind working as she asks all the right questions and leads you through a verbal form of mind mapping and networking that enables you to see the real possibilities of the challenge and the wide range of solutions available. And if you don’t happen to discover the obvious – she manages to leave a little trail of logic and planning assumptions that will make the answer obvious. If space is the final frontier, then Meredith is our “Spock”. She calmly analyzes the facts, removes any emotional attachment you may have had to any preconceived solutions and presents the most logical solution required to meet your needs. Just like Spock – she is often annoyingly correct in all of her prognostications. If you fail to take her advice (it happened to me once), then you find yourself alone at night, reflecting on the chaos and confusion of your particular project of the moment and wondering – now why didn’t I listen to that woman. Part of the key to innovation in the development and implementation of workplace strategies and accommodation solutions is to have access to outstanding individuals in their respective fields. In the area of ‘applied facilities management’ (i.e. how do I get the often over-simplified integration of space, technology and people working for me in such a way that it best supports my particular program and is sustainable at the boardroom table), I have never met anyone equal to Meredith Thatcher.
Jim Graham  |   Manager, Workplace Policies and Strategies (retired)
Public Services and Procurement Canada