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Fortune 100 Company - Portfolio

St. Paul, MN
38,000,000 SF
Cresa Phoenix
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Client Objectives

 In 2012, this Fortune 100 company was using several different national real estate providers, many of which were “inherited” over the years from acquisitions. They wanted to engage one firm to streamline all corporate services in North America using a standardized set of processes, documents, and procedures. Overall, the client wanted more leverage from their real estate partner and additional service provided without increasing costs.

Cresa Team Members


 During our clients transition to a single source provider, Cresa implemented a variety of services which include: transaction management, project management, portfolio strategies, lease administration overview, disposition strategies, and merger & acquisition analysis. In addition to the services outlined above, Cresa assists with aligning their real estate plans with their short- and long-term business objectives through the likes of:

Best Practice Modeling -  Cresa collaborated with the clients national corporate real estate team to develop a customized, national, best practice model that streamlines project implementation and delivery, process flow, reporting, approvals, and project controls.

Lease Transaction Procedures -  Cresa developed for the clients national corporate real estate team, custom tailored, comprehensive lease transactions procedures encompassing their required project process/procedures life-cycle.

Cresa continues to manage company’s US portfolio which consists of:

38,000,000 SF
  - 28,500,000 owned
  -   9,500,000 leased

247 total locations
  - 126 leased
  - 121 owned


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