Facilities Management

Recent Assignments

  • Large Financial Client
    415,000 SF
    San Diego, CA
    Project Management
  • Fortune 50 Company
    35 Million SF
    800 location Electronics and Engineering Company
  • Large Financial Client
    230,000 SF
    Charlotte, NC

Bringing your real estate assets in line with your overall strategic objectives is what our facilities services team is all about. We can help you evaluate all your operations — wherever they’re located — and show you ways to improve their performance, while driving significant costs out of your management processes.

Our first priority is always to foster a productive work environment, but the work doesn’t end there. We provide objective, bias-free, consulting to corporations all over the world on a wide range of issues, including facilities assessment, organizational review, cost benchmarking, and outsourcing evaluations.

As facilities management grows increasingly complex, we find that outsourced solutions make more and more sense. Through our strategic partnership with BGIS, we offer our clients a single point of contact to deliver:

  • Better management — More experienced, more efficient, and generally more sophisticated than most in-house departments
  • Better technology — We make the necessary investment, so you don’t have to, giving you the technology you need without the capital commitment
  • 24-hour call center — With all the moving parts in today’s facilities, call centers are no longer a luxury — they’re a necessity
  • Emergency handling —We have the people and the experience to keep unexpected problems from adversely affecting operations
  • Tactical information — We routinely get you the data you need to make decisions relevant to all your business units

In other words, with us in your corner, you can stay focused on your operations, rather than on the facilities they occupy.

Success Story

Confidential Client

The client is a European firm with significant operations in the United States; consisting of two…
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Success Story

EMC Corporation

EMC Corporation, the world's leading developer and provider of information infrastructure…
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Ask yourself this:

  • Do our facilities have backup systems in place to handle emergencies?
  • Do we have the metrics to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of our facilities management?
  • Is anyone in the company responsible for the “uptime” of our facilities?
  • Are we focusing too much on our facilities and not enough on our business?
  • Are we getting the information we need to monitor our operating costs?

If you've answered No to any of these questions, a five-minute phone call with us could be quite enlightening.

Success Stories

Client Location Sq. Footage
Confidential Client 800 Locations  35 Million 
EMC Corporation Multiple Offices   

Partnership Approach

Teaming Up to Maximize Results

Together with our partner, BGIS — an industry leader — Cresa provides a full range of seamless Facilities Management services.

Under our model, BGIS manages all facilities operations as part of the Cresa account team. You get the strength of two united firms — with more than 20 million square feet under management — working on your behalf, but it all happens with just one single point of contact, one performance-based contract, and one method of operational and financial reporting.

Most of the work will be performed by our experienced professionals — facilities managers and engineers, administrators, coordinators, electricians, HVAC mechanics, general mechanics, and office services specialists.

To ensure maximum value and savings, we also offer multiple service delivery options, including client-dedicated staffing, bundled services among several clients in the same geography, and scheduled truck route services.


Sustainability in Facilities Management

Together with our partner, BGIS, Cresa is amply equipped to help you implement a full range of energy conservation and sustainability initiatives that not only reduce your environmental footprint, but make excellent business sense, as well.

While the financial advantages of these initiatives are considerable — lower operating costs, competitive return on investments, and improved productivity through enhanced work environments — the benefits are not just about money. The positive public perceptions, the support of employees, and the engagement of partner organizations are all priceless enhancements to your company’s brand.

We share with BGIS an unshakeable commitment to these initiatives in all aspects of facilities management, as set forth the following joint statement:

Our Statement of Sustainability

We are committed to long-term sustainability by providing quality, cost-effective solutions that stand the test of time. Quality building operations and maintenance are core actions to a future with fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a more sustainable planet.

Our approach to sustainability is grounded in deep knowledge, in an ethic of transparency, and in industry leading expertise. This approach ensures that we integrate sustainability into all facets of facility operations and maintenance, including decision making, activity guides, and planning. We offer more than green cleaning programs. We offer comprehensive and expert services for companies interested in the next level of sustainability.

Our goal is to provide continuous improvement of our core competency of facilities management on a fundamental level, including systems, processes and people. By evaluating, conducting maintenance or repair work, and analyzing the performance metrics of assets, we believe we can offer the most effective long-term sustainability benefits through the provision of quality, cost-effective solutions that stand the test of time.

Sustainability-based operations and maintenance include traditional energy management programs such as energy efficiency projects, utility tracking and reporting, as well as real-time consumption monitoring and corrective action. These are in addition to energy and sustainability considerations in facility inspections and facility condition assessments, financial analysis for replacement expenses, and disciplined monitoring of operations and the adjustment of utility consumption. This comprehensive integration with facility operations & maintenance can be summarized in the criteria for LEED EB O&M certification, but the depth of detail in our implementation is unique and expert. From compressor oil options to asset management of key sustainability related feature assets, our sustainability-based maintenance and operations program results in the minimization of a building’s environmental impact, reduced operational costs, and the optimization of the maintenance resources already in place.