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Your business is your priority. When managing your facilities gets in the way of what matters most — and it can — finding someone you trust to take it over makes all the sense in the world. We partner with you, wherever you are, to bring your real estate assets in line with your overall business strategy and save costs.

All over the world, we support our occupiers with diverse needs, including facilities assessment, organizational review, cost benchmarking, and outsourcing evaluations. In turn, they benefit in ways that move their business forward. Better technology. Better call centers. Better emergency preparedness. Better data insight.

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Perfect Process Blog
June 4, 2019

Defining the Ideal Project Process for the “Perfect” Project Outcome

A perfect project is often described as being completed on time and on budget. While that description is accurate, it also leaves out two key factors that contribute to the overall success of a project: communication and starting the process early. Recently I sat on a panel of project managers and general contractors to discuss best practices. Here are a few of the recurring themes from that conversation.