By concentrating on occupier issues, we gain the perspective and the experience to level the playing field in landlord / occupier relations, in one of the tightest markets in North America.

We are proud to partner with businesses across Ontario; driving the results you need and the respect you deserve. It's what we do best - putting occupiers first, so you can put your business first.

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April 22, 2020

Preparing to Return to Work in COVID 19 World

Governments at all levels are starting to discuss opening our cities, and this will lead to the inevitable return to work - albeit with some restrictions around maintaining physical distancing. What can your organization do so that your employees feel safe returning to the office?
April 7, 2020

Commercial Construction Is Shut Down

In response to COVID-19, the Provincial Government has mandated the shut down of most commercial construction projects. This has left many of our clients asking: so what now?
October 5, 2021

Cresa employee spotlight: Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew Rosenberg is Vice President in Cresa’s Toronto office. He focuses primarily on managing accounts with multi-city requirements, as well as strategy implementation and transaction management for clients with atypical and unique real estate requirements in the Greater Toronto Area.
August 3, 2021

Litwin-Davies joins Toronto team to run workplace consulting group

Cresa, the world’s largest occupier-centric commercial real estate firm, has named Stacey Litwin-Davies as the head of the Workplace Consulting group in the Toronto office. Stacey will lead the consulting services group, helping clients focus on the changing landscape of work from home, work from the office, co-working, and the broader landscape of alternative work arrangements. S


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