CresaPartners launches new Ottawa office and new fund to help kids with cancer and their families

February 8, 2010
Ottawa – The launch of the Ottawa office of CresaPartners is about doing the right thing. Company executives will celebrate new beginnings here in Ottawa, together with colleagues, clients and Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs.

The newly established CresaPartners Fund will provide much needed assistance for families of children with cancer struggling to make ends meet and keep up with rent and mortgage payments. "I cannot imagine parenting a child with cancer", says Darren Fleming, Principal at CresaPartners. “But to potentially loose your home due to the financial burden that in many cases accompanies childhood cancer – it's simply not right".

And that financial crisis is a reality for some families every year. “When a parent stops working to care for a critically ill child, finances become incredibly tight. Financial pressure mounts, adding to the tremendous emotional stress" adds Jocelyn Lamont, executive director of Candlelighters. “Kids are fighting for their lives, parents are fighting to make ends meet" she adds. “This new fund will provide relief for those families who are unable to make mortgage and rent payments, or keep their homes running".

“It's the right thing to do" continues Mr. Aass. “CresaPartners is about'doing the right thing'. Helping families who are in a situation beyond their control fits our mission perfectly. It is our way of showing we care".

Chris Phillips, Assistant Captain and Honorary Chairman of Candlelighters, together with his wife Erin, a member of Candlelighters Board of Directors, will be on hand with fellow board directors Sal Iacono, Brian Heaney and Darlene Kelly.

Empire Grill, Manhattan Room
47 Clarence Street

Wednesday February 10, 2010