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Top Three Industrial Real Estate Topics in 2018
The commercial real estate industrial sector roared through 2017 turning the traditional way of thinking on it's head; 2018 is poised to be no different. There are three areas that will continue to see the biggest changes as the industrial markets […] Read More
Global Economic Outlook -According to Marci Rossell
At a joint meeting of CREW Atlanta and the Atlanta chapter of CoreNet Global, Dr. Marci Rossell, former chief economist for CNBC, returned for the 10th year to share her perspective on the global economic outlook in 2018. In 2017, she noted, local […] Read More
When and How to Transition Out of Your Coworking Space
Coworking – the phenomenon where a variety of small companies and independent contractors share office space – is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Before the year is out, more than 1 million people will have a desk in a shared […] Read More
They Need No Executive Offices
There is a tandem on the Polish office market. Two men who differ in everything: from lifestyles to political views. One of them loves cars and motorbikes, the other is an aficionado of cycling and windsurfing. What they have in common is a sense of […] Read More
Signing a New Lease? Inspect This System First.
As you likely know by now, searching for and securing new office space requires a detective’s eye for detail. What amenities are included under the terms of the lease? How much is the tenant improvement allowance and what are the limitations? Did […] Read More