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The Amazing Space Podcast - Episode #5
To relocate or stay-in-place and renovate; a common dilemma. The Amazing Space hosts are joined by Pam Poisson of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) who gives a unique look into what it’s been like for her association to renovate their […] Read More
The Amazing Space Podcast - Episode #4
When considering moving into an emerging market, what needs to be analyzed? Local cultural and energy shifts, business tenant developments and staff commuting costs need to be addressed. Read More
Avoiding Costly Renewal Mistakes
Understanding medical-specific renewals is a vital part of any medical portfolio strategy, as the option to renew typically occurs every five to ten years for each location your practice operates. Medical real estate is one of the largest expenses […] Read More
2018 Global Occupier's Guide
As global companies realize the importance of having a unified approach to their real estate needs, the need to understand local market practices and business traditions is greater than ever. Our global team of real estate advisors are market […] Read More
The Amazing Space Podcast - Episode #3
Created and hosted by Cresa Nonprofit practice group leaders Mindy Saffer and Lucia Hedke, The Amazing Space covers trends, challenges and the real estate journey with some of the nation’s most prominent Association leaders. Associated Builders and […] Read More