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Weathering the Affordable Office Crisis
The growing tension between landlords and small business owners was recently featured in an article titled Small businesses ask city for help with landlords. With record high commercial office rents, averaging $32.55 per SF in Downtown Portland […] Read More
How to Avoid Costly Mistakes While Negotiating a Tenant Improvement Allowance
So, you’re moving into a new office space. Like any new commercial tenant, you’ve got work to do: patching walls, smoothing out wear-and-tear, and making the space perfect for your company. These are called the Tenant Improvement (TIs) renovations […] Read More
Why You Should Implement the New Lease Accounting Standards Now
Implementing the new lease accounting standards is more complex than many companies realize. For companies with multiple leases in different markets the time to implement is now[i]. Cresa and Swenson, both members of Integra International, a leading […] Read More
A Timeless Commercial Real Estate Question: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Many tenants only look at their face rental rate when evaluating whether or not they have a "good deal," but that's simply the "tip of the iceberg." Read More
To Commit or Not to Commit
As someone who only represents tenants or buyers, I always prefer to have an agreement with my client that defines the scope of work and protects my ability to get paid (as long as I perform). I’m an advocate of Exclusive Rights to Represent […] Read More