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Legislation Raises New Concerns about Conflicts of Interest in Commercial Real Estate
It’s an age-old maxim: Brokers who represent both tenants and landlords are not totally objective. Why? Because in dual-agency arrangements, common with today’s giant traditional full service real estate firms, the broker has an obligation to bring […] Read More
How Virtual Reality Is Completely Changing Commercial Real Estate
How many hours have you spent clicking through photos of potential office spaces? How many days does it take your team to visit a long list of potential properties? I’ve been working in commercial real estate for more than 10 years and I’ve been […] Read More
Here's Why Cresa is "Tenant-Only"
There’s a question I get all the time from clients and prospects: Does “tenant-only” really matter? Read More
Healthy Office Atmosphere, Healthy Employees
This two-part series on a healthy office atmosphere covers four ways in which your company can positively impact your employees at work. In part one of two, the article delves into the impact standing desks have on employee activity levels and how […] Read More
Putting People's Health at the Center of Design
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) has been an important certification program. But while LEED focuses primarily on the building, the WELL Building Standard places people’s health and well-being at the center of design. Read More