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Need to Expand? Let's Discuss!
Are things getting a bit tight in your office? Sure growth is great, but trying to conduct business in a space that you've outgrown can prove difficult, and let’s not forget about the opportunity cost of not hiring all those new sales people because […] Read More
Part Two: Healthy Office Atmosphere, Healthy Employees
This two-part series on a healthy office atmosphere covers three ways in which your company can positively impact your employees at work. In part two of two, this article delves into the impact personal interactions have on innovation, performance […] Read More
To Commit or Not to Commit
As someone who only represents tenants or buyers, I always prefer to have an agreement with my client that defines the scope of work and protects my ability to get paid (as long as I perform). I’m an advocate of Exclusive Rights to Represent […] Read More
Ergo-centric Solutions to Get Employees Out of Their Seats
Sitting. Some have called sitting “the new smoking.” It’s a debate, for sure, with passionate voices on both sides – some say sitting all day at work is literally killing us, while others aren’t buying the alarmism. Regardless, there is no debating […] Read More
Changing Your Company's Culture
At CoreNet Global Atlanta Chapter’s May meeting, three speakers--Brandon Smith of the Workplace Therapist, Ashley Luke from Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP, and John Cantrell from Shaw Contract—discussed how to change corporate culture. The […] Read More