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A Few Ways We Can Help Your Company
Many companies will want to tell you how great they are, their experience, their knowledge, and even who they have worked for. Please allow me to suggest a few ways we can help your company. Read More
How to Hire the Right Design Team for Your Project
When launching into any office renovation or relocation project, one of the first orders of business will be to think about putting together the team to design your new or renovated office space. One of the most crucial first steps in any real […] Read More
Lease Renewal Negotiations: Top 3 Risks for a Landlord and the Tenant's Advantage
Risk #1: Vacancy | Vacancy reduces the capitalized income and decreases the valuation of a commercial building. When a tenant negotiates a lease renewal, it is critical to have working knowledge of when other leases in the same building or project […] Read More
What's the Deal With My Security Deposit?
What’s the purpose of commercial security deposits? Does a landlord just pull a number out of thin air? How is my deposit recouped? What’s the point of it to begin with? Read More
What You Need to Know When Considering Project Management to Avoid Critical Mistakes
Many tenants begin build-to-suit or tenant improvement projects with internal company resources, but find as the project progresses they lack the requisite knowledge and find that the process is far more complex and time intensive than originally […] Read More