Elizabeth Harding
Director of Operations
Cresa Corporate Office
1800 M Street
Suite 350 S
Washington, DC 20036
Telefon 617.758.6044


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  • Large Biotech Client
    70,000 SF

    Emeryville, CA
    Transaction Management

  • Large Bio-fuels Client
    22,000 SF

    Alameda, CA
    Transaction Management

  • Large Laboratory Client
    12,000 SF

    Hayward, CA
    Transaction Management

The real estate needs of cleantech companies are as unique as the products they’re developing. From solar to biofuels to batteries to any technology that advances sustainability or reduces emissions, these tech-forward businesses often require large or more specialized space, even as startups. Accommodating their needs with the constraints of their early-stage financing presents a significant challenge.

At Cresa, our cleantech experts can handle that challenge. We only represent tenants, so we’re never in a conflict situation with landlords or developers. Our advice is unbiased, and we base that advice on a broad knowledge of the players and spaces in your market.

We start with a thorough understanding of your business, even if the field has not yet been fully defined. We help you plan for expensive infrastructure, for labs and clean rooms, and for abundant power and specialized improvements. We weigh your current needs against future growth, thinking in terms of equipment, workflow, office space, and personnel.

We then look for space, usually in the technology centers that appeal to the kinds of high-level talent — scientists and engineers, in particular — that cleantech companies need to attract.

We go to great lengths to reconcile your space requirements with your financing concerns. Since return-on-investment is often far down the road, we do all we can to structure transactions in a way that preserves capital. We understand the desire to trade a higher rent for a more generous build-out allowance, and we work to find landlords who understand the needs of emerging companies.

If your company is on the frontier of technology — with all the uncertainty that implies — we think you’ll find our track record as impressive as it is reassuring. We’ll find you the right space. We’ll manage the entire transaction. If you like, we’ll even build out the space for you. But most of all, we’ll understand where you’re coming from. And where you’re going.


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Klienta Lokalizacja Powierzchnia
Alphabet Energy Hayward, CA  15,375 
Amyris - Headquarters Emeryville, CA  70,000 
Aurora Bio-fuels Alameda, CA  22,000 
Seeo Hayward, CA  12,019