Workplace Intelligence

Labor and Space are your largest costs for most businesses. We help you determine how to align your business, operations, logistics and culture with your real estate and space.  That way your real estate portfolio works for your business strategy — and not the other way around.

Workplace intelligence that improves business and drives results.

How do you create and implement the right work environment for your business based on the work and/or services you provide to your clients in a way that makes your operations better? We specialize in addressing these needs in a way that is objective, aligned with your goals and objectives and in the best interest of occupiers.

Cresa works with clients to help understand the opportunities and challenges created by advances in technology, shifting demographics, changing workstyles, and workplace values.  We measure performance, enable productivity, increase space efficiency and provide an environment that enhances recruitment and retention.  Then, we show you how our comprehensive findings play out in real-life workplace concepts and scenarios. We base them on your different business priorities and create a workplace vision that is appropriate to your unique requirements and will be supported by the different stakeholders who are critical to its success.  We work with you to choose the right one that is based on your company and enhanced through leading practices, lessons learned from industry, prior engagements and a collaborative approach that will build support for this change. With deep expertise, our team has worked in the C-suite and at top tiers of the Big Four. We know your world and partner with you to make it better.

Our integrated platform houses all of our services, including:

  • Location Strategy
  • Labor Analytics
  • Incentives
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
  • Proprietary Analytics | Vālo
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Real Estate Consulting (Supply Chain & Logistics, Network Optimization, etc.)
  • Program Management

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