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Capital Care Medical Group

16,350 SF
Cresa Albany
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Client Objectives

CapitalCare Medical Group wanted to expand its corporate headquarters with minimal disruption to its current workforce. There were still five years remaining on the client’s lease, but an option to terminate allowed exploring both expansion at the current site and relocation.


Cresa Albany carried out a detailed needs analysis involving interviews and programming exercises with the client. The parameters developed in this process were used to identify viable alternative sites. With this information, Cresa Albany helped the client maximize his negotiating power by creating a competitive bid process involving the current landlord and other property owners in the market.

The client decided that the most favorable option was to expand at the current site. Cresa Albany negotiated a turnkey build-out with all renovation costs – in excess of $300,000 – borne by the landlord. Cresa Albany also provided interior design and project management services for the renovated space. The client obtained a cost-effective expansion without disruption to its workforce or work flow from a move.

“Working with Cresa Albany has proven to be very beneficial to CapitalCare, both in terms of the expertise they bring to the table which resulted in real financial savings..., but also in terms of freeing up our internal resources to spend more time on other activities of the company more in line with our core competencies.”

– Joan Hayner, CEO

Additional Assignments

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