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Cal Amp, Inc.

Carlsbad, CA
25,000 SF SF
Cresa San Diego
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Client Objectives

A Software and Wireless Communications for M2M applications, Cal Amp (CAMP: NASDAQ) delivers software and wireless communication solutions to help conquer business challenges. Cresa was brought on board with one month remaining on the client's lease option period with the objective to negotiate space alternatives that could accommodate rapid business expansion. While the buildings Cal Amp occupied in Carlsbad were sufficient for its operations, the client determined that consolidating the San Diego business units and accommodating future growth was paramount to the company’s success.

Cresa Team Members


Cresa moved quickly to identify alternative sites with the primary objective of identifying suitable options that had superior corporate identity, expansion space, and strong ownership. During this process, three properties were identified that uniquely met Cal Amp's very specific needs and requirements. Going down parallel paths for each site, very aggressive economics and concession packages were produced. The alternative location was clearly a superior site offering cost savings through redesigning 2nd generation space and it a superior corporate presence. After multiple rounds of negotiation, a significant reduction in the overall economics for a new space was achieved. Cresa was able to negotiate a Turn-key Tenant Improvement package and generous moving allowance that significantly reducing the client's out of pocket expenses for the relocation.


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