The TOP 50 most influential professionals on the Hungarian real estate market

2020 brought great changes in the domestic real estate market. Many have been guessing what event, or how and when it will end the unbroken soaring we have been experiencing since 2014, but no one ever imagined that a world pandemic will be the cause, coming from outside the world’s economic process. The defense against Covid-19 has reshaped the real estate market in a few weeks. While some real estate market sectors are struggling for survival, others sectors exploded as an effect of the introduced safety restrictions. However, the majority are waiting, planning, rethinking their market strategy. So life has not stopped, the developments moved ahead, there were market transactions as well, but there is no doubt that we are on the verge of a transformations, that will change the real estate market on the long term. In the spirit of this, this is 5th time in row to present the most important domestic players of the real estate industry, and similar to previous years you can meet company managers, owners, investors, developers here.

The top 50 list of most influential Real Estate Professionals in Hungary 

Valter Kalaus

The founder and managing director of VLK Cresa has almost 25 years of comprehensive international experience in corporate real estate consulting and tenant representation. He has assisted a large number of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in the USA and various other global real estate markets.

Valter Kalaus Hungary Top 50 

Since 2001 he has represented real estate users mainly in the Central European real estate market, in 2008, he joined KPMG as a Director – Real Estate to lead the newly established corporate real estate businessline, then he established VLK Real Estate Consulting the predecessor company that became VLK Cresa in 2015.

Cresa, is the world’s largest commercial real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents occupiers and specializes in the delivery of fully integrated real estate solutions. As the Hungarian office of Cresa, we advise clients in the office, retail, industrial, hospitality property markets. As a conflict-free independent advisory firm our focus is on delivering added value during the whole lifecycle of commercial real estate whether owned or leased. Clients include NNG, Lufthansa Systems, Roche, Prímaenergia, British-American Tobacco, AGCO-GSI.

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