Terumo BCT

  • Terumo BCT
  • 2,838 Square Metre
  • Healthcare
  • Brussels
Services Provided
  • Workplace Intelligence
  • Transaction Management
Cresa Team
  • Anthony Huygen
  • Dominik D’Herde
  • Geert Claus
  • Guillaume Vandermaes

Client Objectives

Terumo BCT, a global leader in blood management, Belgian HQ in Zaventem, was confronted with a building that became ‘too small’ due to growth the last couple of years. The actual work environment was not sufficient enough to support the organizational needs. With an upcoming break option, a relocation was considered.


  • Cresa Belgium challenged Terumo’s initial request to find a new building. A thorough analysis of the space use and their building made it clear that a stay scenario would be a valid as well after a workplace transformation project. A move to another building had been avoided. Terumo BCT management was very grateful since this would have had an impact on the entire organization.
  • The ‘stay-or-leave business case’ showed staying in the actual building would be the best option. We obtained savings of -35% on the lease cost.
“Finally a true tenant advocate with no conflict of interest whatsoever. Thanks to Cresa Belgium we were able to avoid a complex move project and our rental cost was reduced by more than a third.”
Koen Beernaert  |  CFO EMEA
Terumo BCT

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