Location Strategy & Economic Incentives

Your organization can use Place to compete and win. What’s surrounding it can be a key force in powering it forward.

We unlock incentives that move you forward.

Choosing the optimal location for an operation takes more than reviewing real estate options. It’s about discovering a new community of talent that can build a stronger workforce. It’s about tapping an infrastructure that moves you forward. It’s about uncovering economic development incentives that connect an organization to its community.  

We partner with occupiers to show how workforce and supply chain decisions can successfully drive real estate decisions. We apply our expertise of how Place supports operational success. Then, we apply a highly analytic approach and technology to identify and negotiate incentives, understand labor markets and trends, and bring organization and communities together in partnership. Wherever in the world it makes most sense to be.

Our Location Strategy & Economic Development Incentives team can apply any of the following to your project:

  • Economic Development Incentives Negotiation
  • Economic Development Incentives Assessment
  • Intra-market Location Strategy
  • Multi-market Location Strategy
  • Labor Market Analysis
  • Commutation & Attrition Analysis
  • Network Optimization 
  • Site-specific Supply Chain Analysis


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